High Mast Pole

Nesco high mast is a multipurpose high pole that can adjust and control the lamp light to different areas and angles. The pole is customized-made, available from 15-35 meters and allows from 6 up to 12 lamps for a wide range of applications.

A specially designed top is fabricated from high-quality aluminum or stainless steel, equipped with 3 pulleys and 3 slings to stabilize the lifting or lowering movement of the light circlet, it facilitates the changing of lamps and also eliminates the problem of the lamps remained stuck on the top of the pole.

The gear set comprises of a double drum winch designed and developed to the maximum benefits. Nesco high mast is exceptional in both utilization and design.

Hight Mast Pole
Code A1 A2 H1 T X Y Thickness
H15200 185 410 15 M. 32 650 530 4.5
H20201 185 488 20 M. 32 750 619 4.5
H25201 185 488 25 M. 35 750 619 4.5
H30201 185 600 30 M. 38 850 720 6
H42301 185 730 42 M. 50 1060 940 8

Nesco High Mast Pole

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